Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spring and Summer cakes

An assortment of cakes I made during the spring and summer months of 2008.

Flip Flop cake...all buttercream with twizzlers for the top part of the sandals.

Sunglasses cake...super fun and super easy! A round cake cut with a wavy line down the center (think yin-yang), and then a little notch cut out and placed in the center for the bridge of the glasses.

My first doll cake! I made this for a TriadMommies event. First time using the Wilton Wonder Mold too!

Fishbowl...I never finished this one b/c the event I made it for was canceled due to weather. I was going to add rainbow goldfish crackers! I used jellybeans and candy straws to make the "stones" and "grass".

Swimming pool cake...I love this one! I used Starburst for the "tiles" around the pool, Teddy Graham crackers, gum balls, fruit strips, and gummy lifesavers. I even used frosting to put little bathing suits onto the teddy grahams! The water is made from blue colored piping gel.

Butterfly cake...This was so easy to do! It's a round cake cut in half, then flip the sides so the rounded edges are touching in the middle. Cut a notch out of each of the side flat edges to shape the wings, and decorate! I used a bunch of organic candies on this one, and a pretzel rod for the body.

Peeps Easter cake! The sides of this cake are made of Peeps marshmallow candies. The top decorations are marshmallow chicks and eggs. I used candy straws for the grass and pastel colored peanut M&Ms for the border.

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  1. The Easter cake is amazing!
    What a neat way to use those marshmallow peeps.