Friday, February 6, 2009

1st Birthday Elmo!

Normally I *hate* making red icing - I can never seem to get it to be red...its always some funky shade of pink. I tried the red icing from Americolor this time instead of Wilton and it is SO much better (although I still needed to use a lot of it). If anyone has tips for making a real, true red icing, please share!

For the sheet cake, I printed a mirror-image of the Elmo picture I wanted to use, and then cut it out and "traced" it into my cake frosting with a toothpick. The stars are just the giant sprinkles from Wilton, and I used nonpareils on the letters although those are kind of hard to see in the picture ;)

I made a six inch Elmo smash cake too - super fun! I just freehanded Elmo's face for this cake. I can only imagine how messy this was for the birthday boy with all that frosting!

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  1. Cute Elmo cakes! I have a suggestion on making true red buttercream, especially if you need a lot. When making a batch of buttercream, use liquid red foodcolor or red airbrush foodcolor in place of the liquid called for in the recipe. Once it is completely mixed, it should only take a little extra gel color to get it the shade you want...and it should be much less bitter, as well. Also remember that red will get deeper if it sits a few hours or overnite... Hope this helps! :o)

    Beckalita from CakeCentral