Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Cupcakes

Easter cupcakes are so fun! Two dozen cupcakes - half yellow, half chocolate. I tried out some new swirls for the buttercream frosting - The pink is tip 1M, the purple is tip 2D, and the green is tip 2C. I think tip 1M is still my favorite!

I made the carrots out of the pre-colored fondant; the leaves are white chocolate "clay" that I colored green.

The eggs are also made out of white chocolate "clay" and decorated with my usual buttercream frosting.

Many many thanks to The Frosted Cake N Cookie for the inspiration! There are some great instructions complete with pictures on how to make the carrots! I improvised from the fondant, but the starting point was great! I also started to attempt the bunnies from the link above, but the humidity today just was not working in my favor :(

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